We use superior building materials and processes

The most essential structural element of any swimming pool is the wall. We build all of our pools using the Family Fun Wall, a distinctive material that is remarkably different from any other fiberglass wall used in swimming pools.

The patented UNIWALL surface is mirror-smooth, which eliminates the need for additional gel coats or acrylic finishes.  What’s more, our wall becomes self-supporting when reinforced with pockets of concrete. This combination of wall and concrete gives you unsurpassed strength and versatility. You simply cannot find anything comparable on the market. Our pools last longer and look better because we use superior building materials and construction processes developed with more than 40 years of experience.

More importantly, this concrete-reinforced wall construction protects you from frost damage that may be susceptible in other pool building methods. The strength, flexibility and durability of our wall gives you another incredible advantage – you have the freedom to design your own pool to any size and any shape. Imagine having a Classic Pool designed and built to fit your very own backyard and family lifestyle. Let your imagination soar!

The pool finish on the concrete bottom is plaster with 3M Colorquartz. The finish that is rich in beauty and extremely durable, and comes with the promise of long-lasting enjoyment.

We’ve been building pools using the finest, state-of-the-art construction methods used by the best pool construction companies in the world for 40 years. Our reputation is built on quality, beauty and durability.

Scheduling of the construction was carefully done, not to promise something that could not be delivered. We were given an approximate date for construction and that date was made within a day or two. Once the crew arrived, they stayed on the jobsite until the project was completed, cleaning up the job site every day before leaving. We wanted to make sure that when the project was completed, that the pool looked like it had always been there and that was accomplished. Classic Pools has pool construction down to a science, they are very competent and know what they are doing. Each crew member knew their job and it all worked like clockwork. All in all, we are very pleased with our pool, its construction and of course its appearance!

Frank and Cathy C.

Akron, Ohio

Classic Pools transformed our backyard pool area from a dated, crumbling mess, into an absolute showplace. From the initial consultation to the design presentation, I was impressed with the renderings and photos of their completed projects. When it came time for construction, I was even more impressed. Classic Pools completed the entire project, including additional items that I added after the initial scope of work, in an amazingly short period of time.  I am confident that everything that they constructed will last another 40 years. Even the concrete footers beneath my stone retaining walls were done meticulously! I would wholeheartedly recommend Classic Pools for any new or remodeled pool project that you may be considering.

Jill W.

Solon, Ohio

The whole team from Classic Pools gets a five star rating from my wife Patty and I. After seeing my brother-in-law’s beautiful new pool put in by Classic Pools, we both realized how much fun we could have with the pool of our own, so we made the call to Steve at Classic. Steve’s presentation made it so easy to make all the right choices from the size and shape of the pool to the best location in our yard. When the crew showed up in the spring, right on schedule, it was very impressive. Every one on the crew was very professional and courteous. They had a system that worked and every day showed progress. With Classic, it was a great experience and I would recommend them 100% to anyone. Feel free to call me anytime for more details.

Jim and Patti P.

Canton, Ohio

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